East Chicago, Indiana

Units 5 and 6 Walking Beam Furnaces

Client / Owner

ArcelorMittal USA




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial Constructors performed a major upgrade and rehabilitation to ArcelorMittal’s Nos. 5 and 6 Walking Beam Furnaces at the Indiana Harbor East facility.

The major scopes of work included replacement of the following:

  • All fixed and movable skids and jack posts
  • All cooling water supply and interconnecting piping (the existing piping was as-built and new pipe fabricated in Graycor’s fabrication shop)
  • Scale trough system
  • All traveling/lift frame ramps and wheels including foundation repairs
  • Furnace floor and burner refractory, plus all insulation for skids and jack posts
  • Fixed floor system
  • All traveling liner plates and frame centering system
  • Furnace scale chutes

In addition to the above, all furnace cylinders and center links were realigned to enable better traveling frame movement.

The work was scheduled on a two-shift-per-day basis, five days per week. Work was completed in approximately 11 weeks per furnace.

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