Decatur, Alabama

Polyplex Manufacturing Plant

Client / Owner

Polyplex Americas Inc.

Architect / Engineer





Graycor Construction

Project Scope

Polyplex Corporation Ltd., the fourth largest producer of thin polyester film, hired Graycor Construction Company as the construction manager for their first North American facility located in Decatur, AL. Polyplex, which is based in India, is a global leader in high-performance plastic films made of polyester and polypropylene. These plastics are primarily used in flexible packaging for food products and industrial applications. The company also has manufacturing facilities in India, Thailand and Turkey. The new facility will serve both as a plastics manufacturing facility as well as Polyplex’s North American headquarters.

Polyplex’s new facility will cover 42-acres of land and cost an estimated $187 million, making it the largest single capital investment Polyplex has ever made. Graycor is in charge of managing the construction of the entire project, which will consist of the primary manufacturing building, office space, plastic chips plant, tank farm, and the electrical and utility buildings along with the installation of the process equipment.

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