Gary, Indiana

No. 2 Caster “B” Line Turret Bearing Replacement

Client / Owner

United States Steel Corporation




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial replaced a turret bearing on U.S. Steel’s Casting Line “B” at the steelmaker’s Gary Works facility. The bearing, which showed signs of wear and had been running unevenly during operation, was in danger of possible failure had it gone too far off its axis.

In order for Graycor’s team to access the bearing, the entire turret and turret arms weighing more than 150 tons had to be rigged and lifted. The project consisted of the team working around the clock for three weeks and also involved six months of planning and coordination with the mill.

Self-performed work and trades included ironwork, millwright, pipefitter, bricklayer and labor. Electrical, millwright machine and lifting device were provided by U.S. Steel.