Burns Harbor, Indiana

New Walking Beam Furnaces

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Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial Constructors was awarded the mechanical, structural and piping installation of ArcelorMittal’s Nos. 4 and 5 Walking Beam Reheat Furnaces at the west end of its 80″ Hot Strip Mill within the Burns Harbor facility. The two new furnaces will weigh a combined 2,670 tons (including skids and posts, without refractory).

During several phases, and without interruption to the plant’s steel production operations, Graycor’s team is performing the following work:

  • Installation of the furnace proper for both furnaces (includes combustion air piping, natural gas piping and a waste gas system)
  • Installation of a depiler, charge tables and rolls, charge end and discharge equipment, balance of waste gas system, recuperators and balance of piping for the No. 4 Furnace
  • Refractory, insulation and painting

Self-perform work includes all structural, mechanical and piping work, equipment setting, platforms and scaffolding. Subcontracted work includes refractory, insulation and jacketing, painting and surveying.
Additional quantities for the project include:

  • Waste Gas Duct, Recuperators and Stacks – 1,024 tons
  • Charge/Discharge Machines – 896 tons
  • Charge Tables and Depiler – 68 tons
  • Platforms – 551 tons
  • Piping – 794 tons (61,485 LF)

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