Gas Valve / Riser Project

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Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

As part of its plan to modernize and replace critical parts of its aging gas infrastructure, a natural gas provider in northern Indiana awarded Graycor Industrial Constructors a contract to replace gas risers—the piping component of the natural gas service line—and, when needed, gas meters on primarily residential and some commercial buildings throughout northern Indiana.

Work for the maintenance project includes Graycor crews performing excavation, backfill, removal and reinstallation of riser piping, as well as meter setting and system testing for each unit as required.

The project, for which Graycor is self-performing all piping and labor, is being completed to replace fiberglass risers which were installed in the 1970s. The program calls for removal of approximately 6,000 existing risers and replacement with new, modern risers. The project requires Graycor’s team to directly coordinate services with residents and interact with them while working within the Region’s communities.

Because safety is a number one concern-not only for Graycor’s employees but for the public and the neighborhoods where its team works-union tradespeople complete an extensive amount of training prior to work start. Abnormal operating conditions or AOCs are the most important topics covered during training and involve identifying these conditions and how to properly handle once identified.

In addition, before any work takes place Graycor team members receive training and certification in Graycor’s Gold Shovel Standard-approved program, and in Graycor’s occupational and safety standards.

Valve Replacement

Nappanee, Indiana

Gas Compressor Installations

Streator, Illinois

Underground Gas Storage Plant

Royal Center, Indiana