Cope, South Carolina

Cope Generating Station Baghouse Rebuild

Client / Owner

Dominion Energy South Carolina




Graycor Southern

Project Scope

Graycor Southern performed demolition and rebuild of a complete  12  compartment  existing  Fabric  Filter  at  the  Cope  Generating Station.  Scope  included  the  demolition  outlet  ducts,  removal  of  the fabric  filter  down  to  the  existing  structural  support  steel  members  and removal  of  associated  electrical  and  piping.    Additional  work  included  the installation  of  a  new  outlet  duct  system  ,dampers,  expansion  joints, support  steel  walkways  and  grid  sheets.  Construction  included  a  new 12  compartment  Fabric  Filter  House  constructed  of  2205  Super Duplex  Alloy,  and  Bypass  duct  tie  ins,  replacement  of  all  air piping,  ash  removal  piping  systems,  electrical,  controls,  insulation  and lagging.