Graycor Industrial

Graycor Industrial Wins TAUC Safety Award

Winning in the top category, Graycor Industrial Constructors took home the Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Construction Safety and Health presented by The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) at its Leadership Conference held on May 10, 2017, in Santa Barbara, California.

The prestigious safety awards—in existence since 1983—are given annually to TAUC member contractors that exhibit outstanding efforts in preventing job site injuries. Recipients are recognized for achieving a zero DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) rate in one of four categories.

Among more than 100 contractors recognized, Graycor won in Category One for having performed over 1 million hours worked without a DART case.

Pictured from left are Jake Locklear, TAUC president; Jack Carlson, Graycor vice president of safety and quality; Dan Kilgore, Graycor Industrial vice president; and Steve Lindauer, TAUC chief executive officer.

To read the full story, visit TAUC’s website.