Our History

The History of the Graycor Companies.

We were founded in 1921 as Chicago Concrete Breaking Company. Soon after, we made our name with an extremely challenging high-profile project removing a large section of retaining wall along a functioning stretch of railroad, on the east side of Michigan Ave. Despite a driving snowstorm and those who said it could not be done, our passion, ingenuity and expertise proved we were here to stay. It was the origin of our famed company motto: Wanted: A hard job.

Over the next nine decades we have continued to prove ourselves as a partner devoted to our clients above all else. We have remained driven by relationships where we can help our clients grow and succeed, rather than looking just at the projects or profit.

Our clients are the most respected names in their fields. And we’ve earned a solid reputation in the industry for providing thoughtful, innovative, collaborative solutions to our clients’ ever-changing needs. Browse our timeline below to take a look at the challenges, relationships and successes that have gotten us where we are today.

Over the Years

What sets Graycor apart from the rest?

We place greater value on partnerships over profit, and we operate within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture, including maintaining a long-term perspective, upholding integrity and honesty, demonstrating safety leadership, emphasizing relationships, creating value, striving for continuous improvement, and achieving a healthy balance of work and family life.