Be Part of Something More

Life as a Professional

You don’t want just any job, and neither do we!

Construction is rooted in challenge, and the landscape is always changing. We offer a place where you can be a part of influencing that change. Graycor is a place where you can put your creative thinking and business skills into high gear and work side by side with other talented and motivated professionals on some of the industry’s most challenging and interesting projects. Graycor is a place that values integrity, health and safety, hard work, initiative, partnership and, most importantly, our people and their families. It’s what makes Graycor a great place to work and grow your career.

What we look for

We seek talented professionals who are hungry, humble and “people smart” and whose core values align with ours. We’re not for everyone and everyone’s not for us but, if you value safety, integrity and honesty, relationships, family and building a strong, lasting reputation, we may be the employer for you.

Career development

You own your career development. We provide the opportunities to help you advance it. We believe learning and development happens on the job, in the classroom, through eLearning and through active coaching and mentorship. Whether it’s technical skills training, management and leadership development, or ongoing education, we’ll provide you the tools and a culture of “high care and candor” to set and achieve your development goals.

Our Recruitment Team

Brett Walsh

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Shared Services

Ryan Gustafson

Senior Recruiter

“We are a people-driven organization and our recruitment and talent development retention efforts play a key role in helping us deliver value and consistency to our clients.”

Brett Walsh

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Shared Services


Nothing is more important than safety…not production, not sales, not profits.

Safety is not just a policy but a key part of our culture. As a family-owned and -operated company, it strikes to our core—each one of us is essential. Our health, our safety and the quality of our worksites is priority one. Protecting people means perfecting the environments in which they work. We believe errors are avoidable because our teams have accomplished major self-performance projects without a single injury. Our “Zero Injury” goal is the challenge every one of us aims to achieve every time we set foot on site.

Inspiring Excellence
Zero Punchlist
GIC Quality
Operator Qualification
Gold Shovel Standard Certified