Combined-Cycle Power Plant Project

Primm, Nev.

Client / Owner
Reliant Resources
Architect / Engineer
Sargent & Lundy
Graycor Industrial

Project Scope


Reliant Energy contracted with Bighorn Constructorsa joint venture between Graycor Industrial, Sargent & Lundy, Sachs Electric and Murphy Co.for the design and construction of a combined-cycle power generation facility in Primm, Nevada. The work included all site work, foundations, access roads, unloading and erection of combustion turbine/generator sets, HRSGs, steam turbine/generator package and air-cooled condenser.

All subcontracts, as well as startup and commissioning were performed by the Joint Venture.

Major Equipment by Owner:

  • Turbines – Siemens Westinghouse 501FD Combustion Turbine Generators – 160 MW each
  • HRSGs – Alstom
  • Transformers
  • Steam Turbine Generator Package – Alstom 230 MW

Concrete Yardage: 15,000