Underground Gas Main Installation

Chicago, Ill.

Client / Owner
Peoples Gas
Architect / Engineer
Milhouse Engineering
Gas Infrastructure
Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Peoples Gas, a new client, chose Graycor Industrial to perform a gas main installation behind the Lathrop Homes North residential property located at N. Damen Avenue and W. Diversey Parkway on Chicago’s North Side. The gas infrastructure project, which began in early November 2017, started with Graycor’s team excavating a bore pit to facilitate underground placement of approximately 1,000 feet of new 6-inch polyethylene gas main piping.

Before installation, the team fused the manufactured 40-foot-long gas main piping sections together and then conjoined the PE sections using vice grips and a plastic fusing device. Pipe joints were fused together using a plastic pipe fusion machine.

Once the new main was installed, the team then removed an existing main, completing the project in early December 2017.