Air Quality Control System (AQCS) Project

J.H. Campbell Complex, West Olive, Mich.

Client / Owner
Consumers Energy
Architect / Engineer
Black & Veatch Limited of Michigan
Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

As part of Consumers Energy’s program for achieving EPA air quality standards, this 22-month AQCS project includes structural, mechanical and architectural work on Unit 1 located on Consumers’ 2,000-acre site. Major components of Graycor Industrial’s work scope include erection of structural steel, a pulse jet fabric filter (PJFF) baghouse, ductwork, ID fans, blower building, and performing demolition and a critical tie-in outage in 2016.

Along with erection components, the scope includes barge unloading and transporting over a public road of prefabricated baghouse modules and fabricated and insulated ductwork modules. Adding to the project’s complexity are multi-contractor coordination challenges combined with limited site access. As a solution, Graycor Industrial’s team is working closely with Consumers to carefully plan, schedule and execute work with overall project objectives as the driving criteria. The small project site—with portions such as the baghouse construction located directly over a circulating water inlet/outlet channel—has also dictated careful planning of crane maneuvers and placement of construction equipment. The design-build project requires just-in-time deliveries for all major elements and pieces of equipment.

Because a strong focus on safety has been key to the ongoing success of the project, there are several important safety measures being used to help keep workers safe from project-specific hazards. The proactive measures include a stringently enforced barricade procedure to prevent unauthorized personnel into active work areas, a radar speed sign to deter speeding on a public road through the laydown areas and a portable fall-arrest system for safely unloading materials.

Graycor’s self-perform trades being used on the project include ironworkers, boilermakers, pipefitters, carpenters, laborers, operators, cement finishers and masons. Subcontracted work includes scaffolding, large cranes, duct insulation and lagging, and siding.