Graycor Industrial

Rising to the challenge.

In an industry where projects can range markedly in size, scope and complexity, Graycor Industrial offers the benefits of deep-rooted financial stability and a vast network of resources. Combined with our dedicated, hands-on management style, this gives us the capability of handling hugely sophisticated projects and the ability to be more nimble, more responsive and more focused on our clients' needs at every step.


To ensure we consistently deliver on our rigorous schedule, cost and quality standards, Graycor Industrial self-performs much of its trade work - over 3 million hours annually - including piping, concrete, carpentry, equipment installation, refractory, boiler work, steel erection, demolition and specialty blasting. In fact, we even have our own fabrication shop that gives us further control over the cost, quality and scheduling of our projects. However, though we have the ability to self-perform virtually every piece of a given project, our leadership expertise is often even more valuable to our clients. Our approach is to evaluate our clients' needs, bring on key subcontractors as necessary, and manage project teams to provide the best possible results.

Safety first.

Heavy industrial work demands a hardcore commitment to safety. But for us, it goes deeper than that. We see it as the most important thing we do. Which is why we've developed a series of proactive initiatives designed to keep our focus on safety fresh.


Graycor Industrial serves clients as an EPC, EPCM, prime contractor, general contractor, joint contractor, design-build contractor, pre-construction, facilities management, construction management at risk, and more. For full descriptions of our service options, click here.

Pricing arrangements.

Graycor Industrial serves clients as a/an lump sum, cost reimbursement with fee and target pricing with incentives to name a few. For full descriptions of our service options, click here.

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