Graycor International

Expanding your horizons.  Expanding our capabilities

Every mile we've traveled, every project we've undertaken and every success we've had has been accomplished for one reason: to satisfy our clients. We provide commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial construction capabilities throughout Mexico and Canada. And we're exploring ways to help clients go even further.

Why do our clients choose us as their partner for their greatest strides? Because no matter what the challenge, they know we will bring the same level of service and command of craftsmanship that we have proven time and again here at home. We do this by remaining true to our promise of quality to match ISO 9000 standards for industrial projects, and to manage our worksites under OSHA's strictest safety regulations - always.

Beyond these benchmarks, we also document progress and procedures using industry-standard JD Edwards and Expedition mainframe-reporting software. This ensures our people and your people are equipped with the most up-to-date resources.

Quality: Striving to Inspire Excellence

To satisfy our clients’ demands for superior Quality, Graycor Construction Company created a Quality program that focuses on the use of proactive, preventive, efficient and effective systematic approaches replacing the traditional attitude in the construction industry that is ‘reactionary’ to problems. Graycor’s commitment and full support to ensuring the highest standard of quality on all projects comes from the highest level of our organization.

The Quality Committee, led by CMQ/OE certified Quality Manager Michelle Galindo, in concert with Graycor’s Executive Leadership strive to inspire Excellence with every action percolating this notion throughout the entire organization, and making it a part of our DNA.

We continuously seek ways to leverage the Quality processes to benefit our clients. In each pre-construction effort, we work to identify and define the client’s objectives and our commitment to achieve them.

  • Zero-Punchlist Goal: All Subcontractors are required to correct visible defects before they demobilize from the jobsite in order to deliver a defect-free facility to the client by the project completion date.
  • Quality Control Procedures: The project team will coordinate the implementation of the procedures listed above with the relevant Subcontractors to control the Quality of the project. Key QC procedures: The Three-Phase Process, Kanban Commissioning.
  • Pre-Project Quality Risk Assessment (Q-RAM), Subcontractors’ Quality Control Plan and Site Specific Quality Plan: The Quality risks in each project are assessed and managed accordingly, creating a strategy specific to the project summarized in a Site Specific Quality Plan (SSQP). Subcontractors are required to follow a Subcontractor’s Quality Plan provided by Graycor.
  • Quality Assurance Procedures: The project team will implement the procedures listed above to provide confidence that the project will exceed the Quality expectations. Key QA procedures: Non-Conformance and Rolling Punchlist, Audits.
  • Project Management Procedures: These procedures ensure consistency and repeatability in business practices and operations across the different projects, promoting efficiency and effectiveness that translate into delivering successful projects to our clients.

Safety is Important

At Graycor, “Nothing is more important than safety . . . not production, not sales, not profits.” A direct quote from CEO Melvin Gray, this principle was established years before most in the construction industry realized the importance of employee safety and health.

Our second value is that all injuries and incidents are preventable, not inevitable. The direct result of this value is our “Zero Injuries” goal. We truly believe, and have accomplished, major self-performance projects without a single injury. In fact, our heavy industrial division worked for more than a year without an OSHA recordable injury, so we know the goal is achievable. Graycor’s current EMR is 0.74—well below the industry average of 1.0.

Relationships + People

Graycor is focused on cultivating meaningful and genuine relationships with our clients for the long-term. We value our relationships with clients, designers, engineers and subcontractors striving to earn their trust. We recognize that strong relationships are based on mutual trust and professionalism.


Our People

At Graycor Construction, our people are our most valuable asset. Our employees are the best of the best in our industry—talented, educated, experienced, skilled and highly motivated construction professionals who are given the resources, training and development opportunities perform their jobs with a sense of pride and ownership, while achieving their career goals.

The Graycor culture is an important part of who we are and the work we do. We partner with employees who share in our core values of:

  • Long-term perspective
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Health and safety
  • Relationships
  • Value
  • Continuous improvement
  • Family