Expecting more of ourselves than the job demands.

As a leading general contractor with roots dating back to the 1920s, Graycor Industrial has honed its capabilities to perform gas infrastructure work within utility stations, storage, and distribution and transmission gas pipelines. We provide heavy industrial piping, ductwork and balance-of-plant expertise to top companies in the industry.

At Graycor Industrial, we know what it takes to work in the gas distribution industry where cutting-edge work demands the most stringent attention to safety and quality.

Because we expect more of ourselves than the job can demand, we are ISO 9001:2015-registered, Gold Shovel Standard-certified and adhere to an Operator Qualification (OQ) program.

When working on covered-task projects within the gas infrastructure industry, Graycor Industrial not only adheres to our clients’ federally mandated requirement of following an Operator Qualification program, but has even developed our own OQ program. This means, we are prepared to work to the process safely, with quality results and, when necessary, will manage the program for our gas infrastructure clients.

The OQ is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and applies to all pipeline operators and their workers, including all contractors who perform the operator-defined tasks. It is designed to train and quality workers on proper preparedness and response to abnormal operating conditions that can occur around gas pipelines.

Equipment operated / services provided:

  • Backhoe / trackhoe
  • Horizontal directional drilling (or other trenchless)
  • Grading or scraping
  • Integrity services