Be part of something more.

Life as a professional.

You don’t want just any job, and neither do we!

Construction is rooted in challenge, and the landscape is always changing. We offer a place where you can be a part of influencing that change. Graycor is a place where you can put your creative thinking and business skills into high gear and work side by side with other talented and motivated professionals on some of the industry's most challenging and interesting projects. Graycor is a place that values integrity, health and safety, hard work, initiative, partnership and, most importantly, our people and their families. It's what makes Graycor a great place to work and grow your career.

What we look for.

We seek talented professionals with strong work histories whose core values align with ours. We’re not for everyone and everyone’s not for us but, if you value safety, integrity and honesty, relationships, family and building a strong, lasting reputation, we may be the employer for you. 

Career Development

You own your career development. We provide the opportunities to help you advance it. We believe learning and development happens on the job, in the classroom, through eLearning and through mentorship. Whether it’s technical skills training, management and leadership development, or ongoing education, we’ll provide you the tools to set and achieve your development goals. 

Employee Testimonials

Brian Feckler

Title: Construction Manager

Years of Service at Graycor: 20 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor? The people and the culture. I love what I do day in and day out but it's the relationships I have with the people here, with our design and subcontractor partners and clients that get me excited about working at Graycor every day. 

What sets Graycor apart? Commitment to performance excellence at every level and commitment to our people.  We never stop trying to improve and are never satisfied with the status quo.  

Elsa Andrade

Title: Project Manager

Years of Service at Graycor: 11 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor? Graycor provides a challenging yet fun work environment, where I’m pushed to be better personally and professionally every day. But more than anything is the people; it feels like a family.

What sets Graycor apart? The value they place on growing and developing their people.

Kevin Grooms

Title: Project Director

Years of Service at Graycor: 23 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor? We have a strong base of younger professionals, and working at Graycor enables me to pursue my passion in developing them into the future leaders within the industrial construction market.  

What sets Graycor apart? The depth of Graycor’s adaptability. We’ve adapted to the market and have implemented sophisticated project controls, improving how we monitor projects and enabling us to better service our clients.  

Ric Padilla

Title: Project Manager

Years of Service at Graycor: 3.5 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor? I appreciate the family atmosphere that Graycor offers.  All employees help each other succeed.

What sets Graycor apart? Graycor's focus on safety and QA/QC that clients value.

Stephen Brown

Senior Project Manager

Years of Service at Graycor: 7 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor: Discovering opportunites to bid, plan and build complex projects with a highly competent team makes Graycor a satisfying workplace.

What sets Graycor apart: At Graycor, I feel I'm on a mission to define the future for our industry.  Graycor has an approachable leadership team and we are always striving towards better outcomes in safety, quality and project performance.

Nick Doshi

Title: Manager, Project Controls

Years of Service at Graycor: 11 Years

Favorite part about working for Graycor: Graycor provides an open culture and also provides a good work/life balance.

What sets Graycor apart: Graycor invests in the development of its employees and also recognizes their efforts.