Virtual Design + Construction/BIM

Innovation for the future.

Graycor continues to invest in its Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities as an instrumental component in visualizing projects and detecting clashes with building systems. Through creating fully-integrated models from construction documents to eliminate problems typically discovered in the field, both time and costs savings are realized on projects.

We see the traditional Conceptual Design > Schematic Design > Design Development > Construction Document model yielding to an approach that promotes more decision-making earlier in the document development process, in the very early stages, or perhaps even before the development of the 3D model. Due to the effort involved in developing and significantly revising the model once it is created, preliminary project schedules reflect the BIM process for document development. Since an emphasis is placed on up-front decision-making, Graycor teams perform significant budget exercises to provide feedback on various building design options during the initial Schematic Design process. This familiarity with BIM in design development and budgeting has enabled Graycor to assemble preconstruction services proposals reflective of the BIM process.

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